Simone de Beauvoir and Loving Authentically (Excerpt) 

Image by Sam Smith @PopHeirloom

Image by Sam Smith @PopHeirloom

Excerpted from the new book Existentialism and Romantic Love by Skye Cleary PhD.  Available from Palgrave Macmillan and Amazon.

Romantic loving is, for Simone de Beauvoir, existentially dangerous. Romantic relationships can be such intoxicating experiences that lovers get lost in euphoria. Passionately they sink together into the muck and mire of couple-centered selfishness and attempt to merge in ecstatic harmony. The problem is that this eventually leads either to boredom or to games of submission, domination, and possession. Authentic loving, according to Beauvoir, needs to overcome such traps.

Read more on The Huffington Post here or listen to Skye reading an excerpt here.

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