Existential Fashion Philosophy

New York Fashion Week is next week and here’s a little existential philosophy for reflecting on our fashion choices and lifestyles…

Søren Kierkegaard, the first existential philosopher, suggested that there are three lifestyles: aesthetic, ethical, and agapic.

When Søren was 21, he fell in love with a Danish teenager, Regine. When she was old enough to date, he swept her off her feet and proposed. (She said yes.) But Søren struggled to reconcile his romantic love for Regine with his agapic aspirations, so broke the engagement and Regine’s heart. By the time he figured it out, she had married someone else. Søren spent the rest of his life secretly obsessing over her and writing a lot about love.

While we don’t know what was in Søren or Regine’s bag, here are a few suggestions regarding what your bag might reveal about your existential lifestyle.

Read the full piece on The Huffington Post here.

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